Sexy Love Poems

Sexy Love Poems. Are you looking for sexy love poems and/or love lyrics about sexy for your romantic interest? We have a collection of sexy love poetry and sexy poems by web poets from all over the world.

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| Poem Details | by Shahana Jackson
Categories: life, love, me, sexy, ...


   What attributes are considered sexy to guys?
         the face 
      the lips 
      the eyes 
       A lil junk in the trunk 
         Betty boop thighs
            Suckable watermelons
              Lips that are quick to spread
              Accessories to blind
         What ever happened 
         to what's behind all that?
              See the person that I really am 
                 Look into my heart
                  See beside what you want to do to me 
                        in the dark
                        Stop reminiscing about my lips
                            Do U want to dive deeper into this?
                                 And I don't mean what's between my hips 
                              I heard your tryna bring sexy back
                                 Well do U wanna know what's sexy to me? 
                                      Tap me on the shoulder and just ask me
                                             Am I sexy?

| Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne
Categories: love, sensual, sexy, smile, ...


if i could hold you in my arms stroke your hair feel your hand against the back of my neck strip you bare disrobe stroke your breasts play with your back just tickles with my fingers just feathered strokes while you lie naked in anticipation and our shadows on the wall mimic us use my lips against your skin bury them into yours like silk on satin move my tongue down your spine to reach that split i love to lick lock in a passionate kiss lasts for days so in love the touch of you the look of you so in love and our shadows on the wall now merge two images now one against the wall satin on silk oiled skin flesh on flesh we slide our bodies touch two people in love twisting in and out our hides our soft i penetrate you gasp i lose myself in the unconscious feeling of love lasts a minute lasts a day lasts a week still locked in the beat in the movement in the rhythm of love of sex of lust of a simple kiss of the pounding of hips on hips and you never end and i never stop and one shadow dances the seven veils paradise is you your eyes of blue so in love touch every part of you with every part of me and a month passes and the shadows disappear into the wall we in a pool the water soothes naked we undulate everyone looking at us two they smile begin to touch too we spread it through the pool our love and still it is just you our shadows flicker in the candle lit room a passionate kiss a gentle touch a hard penetrating thrust and thrust and thrust again hard light it never ends this love it never ends you and me it never ends us and i gasp and we start again and our shadows blush and our shadows watch as i consume your juice as you swallow me too and we move suspended in mid air we move our move of sex lust i love you now forever more it's us.

| Poem Details | by Robert Lindley
Categories: beautiful, love, magic, passion, sexy, storm, together, ...

Could You Tell Me

Could You Tell Me!

Could you tell me again, your heart needs mine
 could you do it again with your smile so fine
 softly speak those secret words you use to melt
 my heart and soul while sharing all you felt!

Will you speak of past love encounters please
 set my heart a singing and put my soul at ease
 gently running your sweet fingers in my hair
 as you whisper, love you, my darling so fair!

Can you stir my ardor more than it's ever been
 even higher and greater than on our first spin
 that saw us naked and hot under the midnight moon
 with daybreak so cruelly daring to appear too soon!

Could you heat my soul into a passionate storm
 with us naked and locked into each other's arms! 

Robert J. Lindley, 06-24-2014

| Poem Details | by Ken Carroll
Categories: beauty, love, lust, sexy, ...

Dampened Sheets

I am the sultry silence
the wishbone
of your dreams
feel my warm breath
slither down your throat
across your chest
feel my transparent tongue...

We rage the erotic battle
I feel your pulse race
my fingers of flame
caress all that is yours
I am your imagination
arching above your feminine form
I sink slowly into you...

Just so you know my love
you will never be able
to shake me from your dreams
I will seduce you to a place
beyond mere thoughts and words
tonight, dream of us...

| Poem Details | by Giorgio A. V.
Categories: anger, dark, fire, humor, humorous, sad love, sexy, ...


Thy sightly, blooming charm, gents' thoughts enthralled,
and attar's scent, their wonderment inflamed,
revealing and contoured thy dressing mould,
transformed their sentiments to status maimed!

The short, designer-made and bold tight skirts,
thy geodetic curves embraced like gloves,
where insolent, male feelings, made for birds,
provoked thine ardour and my savage shoves.

Thou courted wert, by the surrounding plebe,
that dull and raw, with amateurish flair,
undaunted forged inventiveness, and dweeb
they lionhearted tried to kiss your hair.

Disdained, the suitors though, exclaimed defeat,
thy beau's wrath proved their charming obsolete.

© 11-11-2013, G.V., All Rights Reserved
(sonnet, humor)

(Hmm... Don't let my smile cozen you. I am still very angry!)

| Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Categories: family, father, husband, love, love, sexy, ...

His Eyes

In my husband's eyes,
shining light beams from his soul
like sirius bright 
behind those eyes, pure love glows
the love of family bonds

In my husband's eyes,
years of memories twinkle
and dreams of 'morrows
his eyes are portals to us
his eyes are sexy to me!

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February 3, 2012
for nette onclaud's sexy poetry contest

Sixth place finish

| Poem Details | by Anita Lovelace
Categories: funny, love, me, love, me, sexy, ...

Nothing But the Truth

Tell me I am pretty and sexy and hot
Tell me you like everything that I’ve got

Say that my clothes fit me just right
Even if some things are a little too tight

Laugh at my jokes even if they are dumb
Massage my neck ’til your fingers go numb

Don’t get mad becaue I make more money
Do the dishes, vacuum, and call me honey

Respect me for my intelligent mind
Treat all my friends friendly and kind

Tell me that I cook better than mother
Say that you’ll never love any other

Kiss me goodnight and good morning
Make love to me without any warning

Call me at work just to hear my voice
Say that being with me is your first choice

Watch chick flicks during a football game
Give me a sweet little sexy pet name

Tell me my lovely face is all you see
But darling, don’t you ever lie to me

| Poem Details | by Pauly Plaster J.R.
Categories: howl, i love you, poetry, sexy, sick, ...

Smitten Kitten

Leapin' lizards up in dem’ gizzards, something we call the creepy crawl. And her womb spew forth blasphemy, and her lips uttered deceit. Black alters in Bone orchards. Praise hell syndicate burn down this town and everyone in it. Red lights…, blood lust. Ambrosia, with her hair so fare.  Clearly obvious why the gods chose her. Devourer of subtleties... Tenderest of vittles. I know at night your bones up and come to life causing mischief. All monkey minds in devil times, chatter chatter, screechhhh... All lost, no hope. And then there was you. Burn down the temple and sing. Eyes bare witness to the rise of her. Dance to the rhythms of a free will symphony. Bleed from thyn eyes,... I don't mind. Bliss bliss and heaven. Your absence is the bane of my existence.

| Poem Details | by Rob Washick
Categories: girlfriend, imagery, love, romance, sensual, sexy, teenage, ...

Sacred love

Goosebumps & chills 
Inhabit my skin 
As I explore hers 
From her toes to her grin 

Her pupils are dilated 
My love is her drug 
She's starting me up 
She's my spark plug 

The lights are off 
The candles are lit 
I'm kissing her neck 
& rubbing her clit 

She's gritting her teeth 
& pushing me down 
So hot & moist 
Hope I don't drown 

Can't tell what's wetter 
My lips or hers 
Her face is cringing 
An orgasm occurs 

Just one of many 
My hands are soaked 
But I'm not done yet 
Another's evoked 

Foreplay is finished 
Our bodies are red 
Burning with desire 
She rushed me to bed 

Our clothes are gone 
We're drenched in our sweat 
Our sexual needs 
Are more than met 

The rest of the night 
Morphed into a blur 
Then I woke up 
Still clung to her 

This wasn't sex 
But sacred love 
All I'd long for 
All I'd dream of

| Poem Details | by Aleera Canino
Categories: confusion, fantasy, funny, loveme, me, sexy, ...


Seeing you all glistening wet
 from your nice, long hot shower, 
Makes things tight in my lower stomach
 and frustrated that you have that power.

One minute, I can be mad.
 The next second see you dripping wet.
You did this on purpose so I'd no longer
 be irritated and to make me forget.

Eye candy is what you are, 
 you know it works every time.
Seeing you all sexy and clean
 and knowing you are mine.

Unfair advantage is what you play.
 But I'm no longer mad at you.
It's the quickest way to calm me down, 
 and it's something you always knew.

Have no fear your time will come, 
 And turnabout is fair play.
I'll save my wrath for you
 and use it another day.

You look too sexy for me 
 to stay mad at you for long.
Lucky for you, a naked, sexy 
 wet man makes me less strong.

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